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Visual Arts

Fine Arts - Visual Arts


Morgan Elementary

Mrs. Beyersdoerfer's students at Morgan Elementary have Art class for 1 full week on a 3 week rotation. Students develop an appreciation for the visual arts while working on their creative thinking, fine motor skills and craftsmanship. Students explore a variety of artistic techniques and materials when creating their projects. We utilize a portfolio at the end of the year to gather projects and bring artwork home at once. Students learn about art history, current working artists, and concepts that are cross curricular. 


Elda Elementary

Mrs. Kerrs’ art students have art classes on a rotation basis, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 then classes repeat.  Students have art class for 40 minutes.  Students in art learn how to express themselves through the use of a variety of art materials.  Students learn about art through history, individual artists and their contributions to society.  Students develop their abilities from art lessons specifically prepared to encourage them to be creative/imaginative, and learning about interdisciplinary subjects as well. In art students learn how to draw, paint, learn elements/principles of design, the use of clay, building sculptures, and photography.  Students work frequently at a variety of art centers learning printmaking, use of colored pencils, use of watercolor, etc.  

     Our art show is scheduled for March 24th, 2022!  We are currently working on completing projects, name tagging, and working on cooperative projects for our art show! 



Ross Middle School

At the middle school, 6th grade students have art for a quarter. Elite team students have Miss. Tragesser; whereas, Select team students have Mrs. Webb. Students in 6th grade art learn about the 7 Elements of Art through a variety of projects involving different skills and materials. 

7th grade students have art for a semester and are taught by Miss.Tragesser.  All students in seventh grade art will build on their prior knowledge of the Elements of Art in addition to the foundations set in their sixth grade art course.  Craftsmanship is improved through persistence in revisions and refinement from the planning stages of an artwork to the final developed piece. Color theory, value, drawing and proportions are emphasized through various performance assessments. Students will also be working with a variety of two dimensional and three dimensional projects with different types of media. Seventh graders are also encouraged to explore, take creative risks and innovate through different creative challenges that allow for the development of personal aesthetics. 

8th grade students have art for a semester and are taught by Mrs. Webb. Students are introduced to the principles of design. They learn how they can use the basic elements of art inorder to incorporate the principles of design into their pieces of artwork. Students are encouraged to express themselves through their art, engage in the creative process, and talk about their own and their peers' artwork.  



Ross High School

Ross High School provides students many opportunities to explore the visual arts through a variety of course offerings. The curriculum is focused on developing the student’s technical skills using a multitude of tools and materials with an emphasis on executing a creative vision. 

Art and Media Fundamentals offers students an introduction to artistic practice. Students experiment with a variety of media while learning about art’s specific language. This sets a strong foundation for continuing study of the arts. 

Options to further explore two-dimensional work include Drawing and Painting, Printmaking and Mixed Media, Digital Image Design, and Photography

Students interested in three-dimensional construction and clay are encouraged to take Ceramics. Ceramics I focuses on hand-building techniques, while Ceramics II allows students to work on the potter’s wheel.

In the project-based class, Murals and Public Art, students collaborate to create murals in select locations in and around Ross Local Schools. This course is ideal for students who are interested in the real world impact of the arts.

AP Studio Art students expand their abilities to think visually and creatively solve challenges as they create an advanced-level portfolio for submission to CollegeBoard for collage credit. The ultimate goal of the Advanced Placement Studio Art course is to encourage students to become independent thinkers who will contribute inventively and critically to their culture through the making of art.

As they navigate through the various arts courses offered at Ross High School, students achieve a sense of meaningful artistic practice through a wide range of expressive media choices that provide a rich arts experience.